• 40f performs on Svensk Musikvår

    Welcome to listen to our concert in Stockholm, Aliasteatern, Saturday March 18th. Svensk Musikvår is a great festival for contemporary music, arranged by Jörgen Pettersson. You can’t miss this!

    Read more here

  • Säffle and gothenburg

    Welcome to our upcoming concerts! Sunday 17th of Oct in Säffle, read more here:

    Tuesday the 19th of Oct, we perform at the Gothenburg International Organ festival. Read more here:

  • 40f in Stockholm!

    Are you in Stockholm on Oct 9th 20.30? Don’t miss out our concert in the Stockholm Konserthus. Read more here:

  • Concert in Lidköping

    Last week we played in the lovely Lidköping Konsertförening, and got a really nice review you can read here:

  • Grimeton

    Den gamla radiostationen Grimeton var en helt fantastisk miljö att spela flöjt i. Dessutom var vi svältfödda på live-upplevelser, både flöjtkvartetten och Lisa Nordström. Så här lät det under helgen 15-17 maj, när vi sjösatte projektet Decomparmaids tillsammans. Mer roligt och en film kommer senare.

    The old radio station Grimeton – a totally amazing venue for flute playing. And both flute quartet and Lisa Nordström were very eager to play, and meet IRL after a long spring semester without any concerts. This is how we sounded during a weekend in May. More to come later – possibly a film!

  • Our jubilee…

    We have had our 10th anniversary as a quartet! Our gift to ourselves was a series of concert at home in Gothenburg, during the season 2018/2019. Performing at Konstmuseet in May, at Konstepidemin in October, and in the very exciting Kulturtemplet in April 2019.

  • Upcoming plans

    Next year we will make a new piece together with artist/producer/composer Lisa Nordström, touring in the museums in Västra Götaland County.


  • Lotta Wennäkoski

    Tomorrow you can listen to the beautiful music by Finnish composer Lotta Wennäkoski in Karlskoga. Welcome to the first performance of “Glimt, Skymt…”

  • Grünewaldsalen
    Hi! Last sunday, we made our debut in Grünewaldsalen at Stockholms Konserthus. Actually we will perform the same program on friday at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg. Welcome! Read more here:
  • 40f in Stockholm
    Hi! This blog has been rather silent for a long time, sorry for that! Right now we have finished our second rehearsal weekend, preparing for our concert in Stockholm, Grünewaldsalen:  On this concert we perform works by Ida Lundén, Madeleine Isaksson, Malin Bång, Anna Eriksson and Ellen Lindquist.
  • 40f to Berlin!
    22nd of October, we are going to perform at the supercool Specs’ On Festival in Berlin. More about the concert here
  • A day at the office
    Today we are working at Ann’s place, preparing for our upcoming concerts…
  • Luften är fri – air is free!
    Some weeks ago 40f started a new project – together with flautists and fluteteachers from several music schools in our region, we will meet and play together in workshops. Next year you will be able to hear the result in Svensk Flöjts festival in Skövde. We are thrilled! Thanks Västra Götalands-regionen for the support!
  • Working with text…
    This week, we have been working with Svante Grogarn, to prepare for “Parvel and Jossip”, a musical adventure for children. The music is being composed in this moment, by Andrea Tarrodi. We had great fun, working with theatre and text exercises…
  • A Paris
    Wednesday, 6th of May, at Swedish Institute in Paris, we have the pleasure of performing at this exciting venue:
  • Young composers
    Tonight, the 3d of May 7pm, at Musikhögskolan in Göteborg, we will perform five brand new pieces by composer students. Welcome!!!
  • Musikverket…
    will support our commission – Andrea Tarrodi will compose a new piece for us, that in the end will be the base for a story for children. We are thrilled!
  • Yes!
    In 40f, we celebrate today, as we got funding from Statens Kulturråd – for three new pieces by Ellen Lindquist, Andrea Tarrodi and Anders Jormin! 2015 will be a great year for our quartet…  
  • Christoffer Elgh…
    …is composing a piece for our quartet, that includes dance in some forme. We are thrilled to get the scores later this week!
  • Örebro March 22
    We are going to give a recital in Örebro, the 22nd of March next year. Welcome!
  • Classical:NEXT in Vienna

    We are going to Vienna! For the second time, Swedish musicians has been invited to participate in the prestigous Classical:NEXT fair, to present swedish contemporary music. Four Swedish groups will perform 14-17th of May – and 40f is one of them! Thursday 15th of May, at 7pm, in Metallener Saal, Musikverein. Welcome!

  • Flute festival in Örebro 4th of April, we played in the lovely Flute Festival in Örebro, hosted by Svensk Flöjt! A great meeting spot for professionals, amateurs – and flute nerds like us!